Roger Joyce Associates
Chartered Architects

Almost half the year has gone, we shall soon have the longest day, the Queen has celebrated her Diamond Jubilee, but - life goes on...we had a great, but very wet, day by the Thames watching the pageant, and last weekend was interspersed with parties, family visits, fireworks and Sandgate's latest addition - a beacon......

my last entry mentioned the planning situation here in Shepway. We understand the Inspector gave the LPA  a hard time in the first few days of the EiP, and eventually issued an interim report, essentially supending the hearing, and asking for a few answers - by 8 June (tomorrow). We shall watch the website with interest, to see what is to happen next.

the Racecourse site was thrown out, and so we will have another chance to put our counter-proposals forward, very popular with local communities in Lympne and Sellindge, as well as with the owner of Westenhanger Castle and of course the adjacent landowner. With luck, we may see a proper outcome to the 'Stations' debate, with a Parkway at Stop 24, a new employment zone, fabulous houses on land west of the racecourse, and a less dense development on the site itself, still with the upgraded facilities we are promised

we understand the whole Core Strategy must go out to Public Consultation again, so we will continue to campaign for better facilities in the Harbour, and for our World Class Visitor Centre at Shorncliffe, celebrating that place with History intertwining the proposaed development ( that is if the DIO don't decide to demolish any worth keeping - including, according to Michael Murporgo, possibly the stables that the mythical War Horse was in before going off the the Western Front)

we have just won the commission from Thanet District Council, to prepare a feasibility study for the Tudor House and adjacent 'barns', that we have evry reason to believe was a Malthouse....and we are sweating on a decision by English Nature, to commission us to prepare a schedule for the full repair of medieval barns at Aldington. We continue to work on the Architecture section of the HEART forum's focus groups, and look forward to seeing the work of the Forum come to fruition - it's been a long time coming. As has the appointment of Consultants to advise on the uses to which our Town hall can be put, for the good of all the loacl groups, as wel as providing an HQ for the Town Council. I attended a very interesting workshop led by HRA and Evident Consulting last night, and will look forward hopefully, to getting involved in design decisions relating to use of that building......